Watch this PSA from the BFOR Study to learn how genetic testing can save lives.

Oneinforty is part of a network of organizations that provide education and support to individuals and families facing their risk of BRCA-related hereditary cancers. We provide the following resources to those living with and impacted by cancer.

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Patient & Provider Education

Oneinforty’s mission is to raise awareness of the one-in-forty risk to Ashkenazi Jews (those of Eastern European descent) of inheriting BRCA gene mutations, and provide the support individuals and families need to effectively manage their cancer risk.

Oneinforty Webinars

Our virtual educational webinar series is intended to educate attendees about Ashkenazi Jews’ one-in-forty risk of inheriting a BRCA gene mutation. Each event features leading medical experts, Oneinforty Ambassadors, and other stakeholders who provide information about BRCA gene mutations, the Jewish-Cancer connection, and personal stories about their BRCA journeys.

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Medical Education

Most primary care providers are unaware of the risk to their patients of Ashkenazi Jewish descent of the one-in-forty risk of inheriting a BRCA gene mutation, but are eager to learn about the topic. Oneinforty designs and implements educational programs for medical professionals tailored to meet the unique interests of the host organization, leveraging the host’s own resources whenever possible. These grand rounds-type programs are typically attended by genetic counselors, physicians, PAs, nurses and mental health professionals.

Emotional Support

We recognize that it can be overwhelming to face one’s risk of having inherited a BRCA gene mutation. Oneinforty has a cadre of mental health professionals who volunteer their time to provide confidential emotional support to individuals and families who are considering facing their BRCA risk. We also connect people with other emotional support programs and resources.

Clinical Trials & Research Studies

There are many reasons why you may choose to enroll in a clinical trial and/or research study. These resources can help you locate a clinical trial or research study in your area.

Cancer Research Institute

Cancer Net – Doctor Approved Patient Information for ASCO

National Cancer Institute


The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center


The BRCA Founder Outreach (BFOR) Study combined the convenience of direct-to-consumer genetic tests along with the advantages of receiving testing with the guidance of a medical care provider. The Study goal was to increase access to testing for one of the most common tests for hereditary cancer, BRCA genetic mutations, which are associated with greater risks for several types of cancer including breast, ovarian, and prostate cancer.

The study provided genetic testing for common BRCA mutations for women and men of Ashkenazi (Eastern European) Jewish ancestry, age 25 or older, in four U.S. metropolitan areas. This group is at least ten times more likely than the general population to inherit certain kinds of BRCA mutations.

The study is no longer open for general enrollment. We anticipate a second opportunity to participate in this research in the near future. If you would like more information on the BFOR study, please click here.

COVID-19 Response

We at Oneinforty are committed to supporting our community during these challenging times. You can browse our online resources, attend one of our online webinars, or reach out to us for support.

State Resources

Please visit your state government’s website for resources in your community. For your state, please visit the CDC’s website. New England area resources: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont