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Oneinforty is a nonprofit organization that raises awareness of the one-in-forty risk to those of Ashkenazi Jewish (Eastern European) descent of inheriting BRCA gene mutations, and provides education and support to individuals and families to help them manage their cancer risk.

Our Founding: Why Oneinforty?

Oneinforty was founded from personal experience.

Lauren Corduck

Lauren M. Corduck, Founder Oneinforty
In Memoriam

In late 2016 at the age of 45, Lauren sought genetic counseling and screening on a friend’s urging. The screening–a simple blood test–showed that she had inherited a mutation in her BRCA1 gene from her father, putting her at much higher risk than the general population of developing breast and ovarian cancer.

Lauren’s genetic counselor advised her to have, surgery that would have dramatically reduced her risk of developing ovarian cancer. But it was too late. Around the same time, Lauren had an MRI of her back to determine the cause of severe back pain she had been experiencing. The MRI revealed an incidental finding of what turned out to be Stage 4 ovarian cancer that had metastasized to lymph nodes.

Lauren and FriendsGiven her family history of breast cancer and her Ashkenazi Jewish heritage, Lauren should have been referred to a genetic counselor and screened for the BRCA gene mutations many years ago. If she had, she would have learned of the mutation earlier, when interventions could have made a difference.

While undergoing cancer treatment, Lauren discovered that most American Jews of eastern and central European descent, like her, are not aware of the one-in-forty chance of having a mutation in their BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene that puts them at much higher risk than the general population of developing ovarian cancer, breast cancer (male or female), and/or prostate cancer.

She set out on a mission to educate the community, healthcare providers, and policy makers about the one-in-forty risk to the Ashkenazi Jewish population of inheriting a BRCA gene mutation, because she wanted to help families avoid the situation she and her family found themselves in. If Lauren had known about her BRCA status earlier in life, she may have been able to prevent or identify the cancer earlier.

In late 2020, after years of treatments, Lauren, just 49 years old, passed away peacefully. Lauren was compassionate, giving, smart, fierce, generous, loving, and showed us all that with determination and action you can make a difference.

We continue to honor Lauren and the countless families impacted by hereditary cancer by fulfilling Lauren’s mission to stop BRCA-related cancer in its tracks.

Board of Directors

Bob Cooperstein

President, Board of Directors

Lauren CorduckA”H

Founder, Oneinforty

Robb Corduck

Head of Enterprise Sales – East

Howard I. GoldsteinA”H

Goldstein & Bilodeau, P.C.

Anthony Goschalk

Transatlantic Investment Management, Inc.

Janet Rosen

Director of Stewardship and Advancement Communications
Buckingham Browne & Nichols School

Helen Shik

Shik Communications LLC

Michael Tichnor

President and Principal
Tichnor Properties

Medical Advisory Board

Michael J. Birrer, MD, PhD

University of Alabama Comprehensive Cancer Center

Claudia F. Califano, MD

Associate Clinical Professor
Yale University School of Medicine

Amy H. Comander, MD

Medical Director, Auerbach Breast Center
Newton-Wellesley Hospital

Betty K. Cooperstein, LICSW

In private practice in Wayland and Brookline, Massachusetts

Kimberly DeLeonardis, MS, LGC

Cancer Genetics and Prevention Program
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Jennifer G. Filipi, FNP-C

Center for Gynecologic Oncology
Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center

Julie Gold, PhD

Licensed Psychologist, HSP
Licensed School Psychologist – All Levels
Newton Public Schools

Whitfield Growdon, MD

Center for Gynecologic Oncology
Massachusetts General Hospital

Laura Heideman-Dowd, LICSW

In private practice in Maynard, Massachusetts

Helen M. Hunt, MD

Primary Care Physician
Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates
Brigham and Women's Hospital

Allison McDonough, MD

Medical Director, Oncology Focused Primary Care
Primary Care Associates
Massachusetts General Hospital

Marcia Lewin-Berlin, LICSW, ACHP-SW

Director of Wellness & Integrative Care
The Virginia Thurston Healing Garden
Also in private practice in Massachusetts

Meredith Seidel, MS, LGC

Manager, Cancer Center Genetics Program
Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center

Debbi Shamon, LICSW

In private practice in Boston, Massachusetts

Jill Stopfer, MS, LGC

Associate Director, Genetic Counseling
The Center for Cancer Genetics and Prevention
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

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Oneinforty ambassadors are passionate about our organization’s mission and volunteer to help publicize educational events, elevate our visibility in the community, and secure resources. If you are interested in becoming a Oneinforty ambassador, please contact us.

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