Oneinforty's mission is to raise awareness of the one-in-forty risk to Ashkenazi Jews of inheriting BRCA gene mutations and provide the support individuals and families need to effectively manage their cancer risk. We operate the following programs to advance this mission:

Awareness Campaign
Most lay people and medical professionals are unaware that Ashkenazi Jews' risk of inheriting a BRCA gene mutation is one-in-forty, or ten times that of members of the general population. We raise awareness of this risk through social media marketing, email marketing and public relations. Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, subscribe to our e-newsletter, The BRCAlert, and visit our News page to read recent articles on Oneinforty.

Our symposia are opportunities to learn from experts about Ashkenazi Jews' one-in-forty risk of inheriting a BRCA gene mutation. Panelists discuss genetic counseling, the rationale for testing for BRCA gene mutations, managing cancer risk and resources available for those who carry BRCA gene mutations. Individuals who have a BRCA gene mutation share their stories followed by a Q&A session. Follow this link to view a film of Oneinforty's first symposium.

Medical Education
Most primary care medical professionals are unaware of their Ashkenazi Jewish patients' one-in-forty risk of inheriting a BRCA gene mutation, but are eager to learn about the topic. Oneinforty designs and implements educational sessions for medical professionals tailored to meet the unique interests of the host organization, leveraging the host's own resources whenever possible. We typically engage genetic counselors, physicians, mental health professionals and BRCA-positive patients in these educational sessions. Please contact Acting Executive Director, Allison O’Hara at 508.330.8807 or for more information.

Emotional Support
We recognize that facing one's risk of having inherited a BRCA gene mutation can be fraught and triggering. We have a cadre of mental health professionals who volunteer their time to provide confidential emotional support to individuals and families who are considering facing their BRCA risk. We also connect people with other emotional support programs and resources. Please follow this link for more information on this program.