Contact a genetic counselor

The National Society of Genetic Counselors' Find a Genetic Counselor directory offers access to over 3,300 genetic counselors (US and Canada). Check with your insurance company to verify coverage of genetic counseling, testing and authorized providers. For more information, visit

Follow this link to view directories of US cancer centers, most of which have departments that offer genetic counseling and screening.

Follow these links to better understand your hereditary cancer risk and make an appointment with a genetic counselor at a cancer center in Boston, Massachusetts:

Order a test kit for home use

Oneinforty encourages people who would prefer not to have an-person appointment with a licensed genetic counselor to order an at-home test kit. Here are some examples of companies that offer direct to consumer test kits:

Participate in the BFOR Study - this study is closed and no longer accepting participants. We will keep the community updated when the study reopens.

Due to launch in November of 2017, the BRCA Founder Outreach (BFOR) Study will provide genetic testing for common BRCA gene mutations for women and men of Ashkenazi (Eastern European) Jewish ancestry. BFOR is an independent research initiative led by experts in the fields of cancer research and genetics. The primary goal of BFOR is to develop a new model to increase access to BRCA testing.

There will be no cost to participate in BFOR. Participants must:

  • Be age 25 or older
  • Have at least one grandparent of Ashkenazi Jewish origin
  • Reside in Massachusetts or within the metropolitan areas of New York, Philadelphia or Los Angeles
Insurance coverage for genetic counseling and screening

According to FORCE, "Most health insurance companies will cover the cost for genetic counseling and genetic testing if a person meets particular criteria indicating that hereditary cancer might run in the family. A genetic counselor can determine if your insurance will cover genetic testing and help the process go smoothly.

Under the Affordable Care Act, insurance companies are required to pay for both genetic counseling and BRCA testing for women who meet certain criteria. For these patients, insurance companies must cover the entire cost of genetic counseling and BRCA testing with no out-of-pocket costs to the individual. (1)"